19 points from the top but Jose Mourinho is still safe at Manchester United

It’s probably the worst time to be a Manchester United fan as yet again another season passes by with the realisation that the Premier League title won’t be staying at Old Trafford.

It’s likely to remain at the Etihad Stadium or possibly going to Anfield for the first time since 1990 and that’s tragic to say the least.

If anything is even giving Red Devils faithful more displeasure right now it’s Jose Mourinho.

The manager bears the brunt for everything going on at the club, good or bad and with no apparent signs of improvement in the red half of Manchester, it’s time for Mou to go and fast before things get worse but……hold your horses!!!!

Mourinho just can’t leave.

Attack him all you want but Mourinho is a man of principles and ego that has won him accolades down the years. His methods might be outdated but that’s what he believes in and will stick to it.

It’s actually easy to read how Mourinho wants to approach a game especially the big ones. The major issue is that the current crop of players can’t adapt to his methods and if they can’t, tough luck to them.

Those who can, get his praise and respect.


Let us not forget that Mourinho is an obsessed winner. The way he brags about his past achievements says it all. Calling himself the “Special One” at the first press conference of his first big managerial appointment outside his native Portugal, is enough proof.

Consistently taking digs at other managers is another thing. Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and even Wolverhampton Wanderers might be in better form than Man United but the fact that Mou has achieved more than the managers currently running the clubs further highlights the obsession.

All these behaviours and habits were there before he signed for the club in the summer of 2016 so why did the United hierarchy go for him?

Simple. The same obsession to win.

Manchester United isn’t a side that can go years without silverware under the guise of showing progress under so-called ‘progressive managers’. Not with the way they dominated the English scene over the past two decades.

Having had pathetic years under David Moyes and Louis van Gaal, there was need for a proven winner that could deliver instant results and who better if not the “Special One.” And he proved it with the Europa League triumph in Stockholm, becoming the first United manager to win a major title in his first year in charge in the process.

That’s probably sweet but maybe the board forgot that things never end well with Mourinho. Once he’s able to make his mark, things turn sour afterwards and that’s where it’s headed now but unlike his two previous stints with Chelsea where he was axed in the middle of the campaign, there’s no sign it’s going to happen for some obvious reasons.

Firstly, there is no credible manager that is available for the moment.

Two names that come in are Zinedine Zidane and Antonio Conte however, the latter is still embroiled in a contractual dispute with Chelsea while the former can’t be really be trusted having been tied to Real Madrid for the bulk of his football career.

If the men in red need a quick fix maybe getting Guus Hiddink, Jupp Heynckes or Giovanni Trapattoni, all retired managers but did well in emergency situations, could help, but that’s not really a line Man United would want to tow.

The best option would thus be someone from within the United system to take over and in this case, that would be none other than Michael Carrick but that again comes with its own risks.

Secondly, Jose Mourinho won’t be leaving now because he is tied to a bumper contract which was extended this summer till 2020. Relieving him now would mean the club have to pay him off massively and settle other contractual agreements which is not so straight forward to resolve.

Seeing how important it is to make the top four, that will be the aim for Manchester United now. With 21 games left to go, there’s still an awful amount of time to make amends.

Question is will the “Special One” do it?

If he doesn’t, then his time at Old Trafford would certainly come to an inglorious end.

Till that is officially official, let’s all deal with the fact that Jose is staying put.

What are your thoughts on Mourinho? Can he make the top four? Kindly share in the comments section below.

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